Learning with Social Distancing

Inked Biker has implemented safety guidelines.

Safety protocols for all courses:
  • All classes will maintain social distancing guidelines at all times.
  • Students must wear their own face coverings at all times when less than 6 ft. from another person
  • If students do not wear masks when less than 6 feet from another person, they will have to leave the class and no refund is given
  • Students must wear masks if talking with students during breaks
  • Students are advised when possible to bring their own DOT-approved motorcycle helmet
  • The class size will be a maximum of 3 students
  • Motorcycles and common contacted areas will be disinfected daily after each class.
  • All student must complete a Health Screening Questionnaire to assess if they have had any Covid-19 symptoms during the 14 days prior to their course.
  • Students must complete COVID-19 – Waiver and General Release of Liability

Private Lessons

Enjoy personalized instruction at your own pace and learn how to ride safely. Students will practice slow speed maneuvers while under the guidance of an Instructor. Private lessons are highly recommended for new riders to build confidence while familiarizing themselves with a motorcycle or scooter.


  1. Must be able to ride a bicycle.
  2. Have own riding gear.
  3. Provide a safe riding range free of pedestrian and vehicular traffic.

  • 1 Hour Motorcycle Lesson 1500
  • 2 Hour Motorcycle Lesson 2500
  • 3 Hour Motorcycle Lesson 3000 (500 saving)

Learn 2 Ride Course

Enjoy the thrill and freedom of riding a motorcycle. Join our Learn2Ride course where we teach you how to ride from scratch. Wait scratch that...from before scratch too. Our only prerequisite is that you should be able to ride a bicycle, but if you cannot,we will teach you how to.

Introductory Motorcycle Experience

This is a one time class that is designed for those who are thinking if Motorcycle riding is for .

On the Road Confidence Course

Are you hesitant on riding on our busy, crazy drivers and bodas filled roads? Are you coming back to motorcycling after several years away? Then this course is for you.

Rider Competency Standard

Don't leave it to chance. Let us handle your riders recruitment process, reduce your risks of crashes and loss of revenue and time.